CD DVD Device Driver Missing

A required CD/DVD Device Driver is Missing

When installing Windows 10 or 7 via CD/DVD disc or USB flash drive, this error message may occur –

A device driver is a software program that allows the operating system to communicate with a hardware device. In the case of the CD DVD device driver missing. The device driver allows the operating system to recognize the device and access its capabilities, such as reading and writing data to discs.

When you insert a CD or DVD into your computer. The operating system sends a request to the device driver to access the data on the disc. The driver then communicates with the device, retrieves the data, and sends it back to the operating system. Which can then display on the screen or perform other tasks with it.

CD DVD DriverDevice drivers for CD/DVD devices are typically pre-installed with the operating system, but they may need to be updated or reinstalled if there are compatibility issues or other problems with the device. In some cases, you may also need to install additional software or drivers from the device manufacturer to access certain features or capabilities.

Very likely, it is asking for Intel USB 3.0 drivers which can be downloaded from this link.